Don’t Just Send A Gift, Send An Experience.

Despite the distance, we create memorable moments through life changing experiences. Whether it’s through video creation, luxury transportation, live performances or customized gift delivery, you may create your own experience.

Our Mission

An experience can be a game changer for someone you love. Especially, if you are creating a memory. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s deploying for the military, leaving for a business trip, or even going away to college, we know the feeling of being separated from a loved one or simply want to create a memory with them. We send letters or gifts to show that we care, but we never see the reactions on our loved ones’ faces when they receive their gifts. What if there was a way to celebrate with your loved ones at the very moment they receive your gifts? That is simply our focus. Founded in 2019, Forgot or Knot is a service that creates experiences and captures the moment. We make it possible for you to experience the joy of giving gifts, even if you can’t physically be there. You create the occasion and we take care of the rest. Located in Dallas and backed by its founder, Forgot or Knot’s mission is to help connect loved ones, no matter the distance through video creation, private jets, Luxury transportation, hot air balloons, or customized gift delivery, you may create your own experience.

Creating lifetime experiences that are memorable!

How It Works?

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We’ll Take Care of the Rest

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Where Lifetime Memories Are Made!

Where Unforgettable Moments, Last a Lifetime!

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Plans & Pricing

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Woman holding a digital video card

Video Card Package

Pricing + Features
$ 69
  • Video Card
  • Charging Cable
  • Gift Bag

Gift Experience

Pricing + Features
$ 200
  • Video Card Package
  • Videographer
  • Cake, Balloons, and Wine

TIED Experience

Pricing + Features
$ 400
  • Gift Experience
  • Personalized Gift Shopping
  • Live Performance and/or Luxury Transportation

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